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I moved about a month ago and decided to go with Direct TV. I had been told by others the service is horrible and select other things, but thought I'd try it out anyway.

I had been with a cable service for 15 years or more with no contracts, excellent service and perfect customer service. After a few days of being in the new home the service went out, and continued to go out every time it even sprinkled a little bit of rain.

When I called to cancel the service, they told me I would have to honor the 2 year agreement, when I didn't even sign one they just sent it to me in the mail. I argued with the CSR for 45 minutes without any help, and was told their wasn't a supervisor to speak to. I just want them to come get their equipment.

I intend to call the BBB on Monday morning, and intend to continue to tell others the horrible service, as well as, customer service they offer. I'll stick to cable thanks.


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You must work for Comcast! No cable company is customer driven, especially the satellite ones.

If I could do without I would. Friends in SEA installed a $200+ roof antenna system to beat them out of their money.

And, for those of you with Comcast, next time dont waste time with CSRs, go directly to SERVICE TERMINATION people and threaten to quit unless they solve the problem. They are the ONLY ones with all the power.

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