Bronx, New York
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Our box is frozen, and has been for the last 6 hours. I tried resetting it on my own 4 times with no success.

I tried calling the main customer service number which sounds like it is disconnected or sometimes has a busy signal. I found another number and it said my call should be answered shortly, well I have now been on hold 1 hour and 10 minutes! They are full of empty promises. They could at least have a recording that tells you the actual wait time so you can decide in the beginning of the call if you want to invest the time on hold..or better yet, stop being cheap and hire more customer service reps...They do charge US for EVERYTHING they can!

I have never had a pleasant experience on the phone with them...even when first signing up. The only reason we have it is we relocated and my husband wants access to watch his local sports.

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Horrible C/S for Direct TV - no one in C/S


My televisions at times have a distorted picture. The nose is in one plae and the eyes in another, my picture freezes, the screen goes black for as long as 55 seconds, "searching for satellite" comes on when the sun is shining, & a loud cracking noise that turned my tv screen hazy.

Seven technicians have been to my house in the last week. Direct TV put new cables in and new satellie boxes and I still have the same problem. They said they cannot do anything else and closed my case. They said all my problems would be over if I switched to HD.

My Sony Bravia tv is two years old and my Sanyo Tv is 5 months.

This all started about six months ago. Has anaybody had this problem with Direct TV?


My Die-wrecked TV box was frozen this morning too - there was an update to the firmware sent out last night that screwed up. Here is how you fix it.

Unplug the receiver and wait one minute. Plug it back in, and when you first see a blue screen on the TV, type 02468 on the remote. This should force the receiver to update the firmware again. You should see a screen that says something like "Updating firmware.

Do not turn off. etc." and a progress bar going from 0% to 100%. DO NOT DISTURB OR UNPLUG RECEIVER WHILE IT UPDATES.

Once it finishes updating, it will reboot itself, reacquire the satellite signal and re-download the program guide, and finally start working again. My did and it works fine now, and it was just as frozen as yours this morning.