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OK so DTV comes out with the HD programming. At the time they had 6 channels.

Knowing they would be having more i jump on board. I get the Hughes HD TIVO Box. I paid over 300.00 threw them for it. All's well for about a month then they decide to go with a different formatting and they tell no one.

Now the people (I for one) that paid for this box can't upgrade to there new formatting service. For over a year I go round and round with them and they don't know the problem. Well finally one of the genius' there figures out that my Hughes box is not compatible with there new formatting to receive HD. They told me that they are working on an upgrade for my box but that never happened.

SO I call back about 8 months later and see if they had the upgrade for me. What do think there answer was. So now they want to charge me for this new box. So you know I spit nails at them right away and how I have been sitting on the HD box waiting for an update.

I end up hanging up. About 6 months later i call back and now they say no problem sir we'll send out a new box and your all taken care of. What they failed to tell me is that upon receipt of this box you are now signed up for a 2 year agreement with Direct TV. So yea I got HD but a 2 year agreement.

Talk about pissed. Oh they suck so bad I can't even see straight they got me so pissed. Talk about a company of rip-off artists. They are right there with my Sprint cell phone that I can't seem to get away from renewing my contract.

Anything I do seems to renew my contract. Make sure before you sign up ask questions like if I don't like the service how can i CXL. But DTV are a bunch of shysters with *** customer service. Know exactly what your signing up for or in my case was not aware what I signed up for.

Oh and they didn't want to hear it after I told them that I was not informed of this agreement.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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