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I am extremely pissed off that direct tv cancelled all Viacom channels or have a 30% increase on your bill. Those were the channels with the best shows because out of the millions and millions of movies out there theses jerks want to show the same *** movie back to back to back day in day out. Due to this cancellation direct tv is only giving us a 5 dollar discount on our bill but only for 3 months.

Personally i think that is ***

Another thing is they didnt give people the opprotunity to opt out of their contract without paying early cancellation fees. When in all reality Direct Tv are the ones who changed the contract making it null and void. Either that or give us a better freaking discount because if you think about it a 15 dollars discount over 3 months is ***!!!

I feel that if all the Direct Tv customers who are upset with this change should get that opprotunity. And if not then we all need to get a petition signed by the upset customers and make Direct Tv do something better for the consumers who are faithful to them because they CLAIM to be the # 1 satellite/cable company out there. If they are going to continue to try and sell people on that they need to prove to us that they apreciate our business by coming up with something better than 5 dollars a month for 3 months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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get this i called directtv today and i got a message saying it would be 1.50 to talk to automated service center and 5 dollars to talk to a rep! wtf! now we have to pay mooney to talk to a customer service rep to a service we already pay for?