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I've had the worse experience with direct tv. I was their customer for a while and I had direct tv and Verizon Internet.

Both of these services were billed under Verizon's name. I decided to disconnected the service with them and before that I paid all my due fees. It was a nightmare, since they are two different companies. Anyhow, a few months later I receive a bill, that Verizon was not able to explain but asked me to call direct tv.

I called and they stated it was a movie I had order one year ago but they were able to only see it now on my receiver's memory card. It was pretty weird to me. I had not absolutely ordered any movie and I did not even have that option to order movies, but they would not listen. It was another nightmare.

According to them, they are not able to check how many movies I (as a customer) could have ordered before they receive that card, which means, if I had ordered 500 movies, they would only find out once I disconnect. This makes no sense to me. But this is not the only problem. I paid the fee because I was tired of their incompetence to explain.

We are in October now, and it has been 6 months I have disconnected, but I still got another bill for $71 for something they can;t explain. After I paid for the movie, I made sure I did not have to deal with them anymore, and I do not understand how they came up with another bill. I just signed up on my old direct tv account to only find out that I am on collection. That was the most outrageous thing I could have heard so I called them but they are saying the same thing.

It is another bill and they just found out. I was on the phone with them but I either got disconnected or the customer service rep hung up on me.

I have no idea what to do or where to complain. All I know is that I will never ever want to deal with them anymore.

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If you sign up for direct tv you will never ever get away from them. I cancelled them in 2005, paid all fees so i could have dish network instead and they are still billing me all these years later a fee of 55.00.

I dont owe them anything, have contacted them over and over, have talked to managers who have looked over my account, said yes, ok you owe us nothing, that was paid in 2005.

If i tried to sign up with them again, i would have to pay that old so called bill of 55.00. So i have dish network, have few if any problems and will never ever recommend direct tv or use them, will go without tv if everyone else but them go out of business