Jacksonville, Florida
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copy of letter sent to Direct TV today explains:

On Tuesday, June 19th I called your 1-800-531-5000 number to cancel my service. The young man to whom I spoke, did not take no for an answer and kept pressing me for a reason I was canceling. I finally told him it was becoming too expensive at $100.00 a month, plus disrupted receptions. He chided me for not calling to negotiate, which I said I had done to no avail a couple of months earlier, before I went on an extended stay in Europe.He again berated me that I should have called to negotiate again, to which I replied that if one had to continuously haggle about pricing I wanted no part of it. He then insisted to know my plans, which were no secret - he chided me about that, had nothing good to say about the competition, but benevolently offered to "take me back should Comcast not show up for the installation". He also made a derogatory remark about me paying every month on the due date (!) i.e. never before - I pay by EFT from my bank and thought paying by due date was appropriate.

When I told him any further discussion was fruitless, just cancel the service, he actually became agitated and threatened that: 1) all discounts I had been privy to in the past would be rescinded and charged to my checking or credit card account, even though I had complied with my 2-year (and longer) obligation to stay with Direct TV; 2) any charges for any unreturned equipment would be charged - needless to say I definitely will return the equipment, all in working order, in the pre-paid box he assured me would be sent; 3) any penalties and other charges would be charged to my accounts. I listened to his long, insulting litany to let him hang himself and I'm at a loss to understand why Direct TV would train their employees to treat their customers - present, leaving or past - in such an un-business-like and insulting manner.If an attempt is made to charge any of my accounts for any amount, I will consult legal counsel.

I just received your bill for future service from June 16 to July15 (your employee insisted bills were retroactive!). I would appreciate your re-issuing a pro-rated bill to reflect service from June 16 to June 19th.

Jacksonville, Florida

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I have called customer service twice to get prices (they currently are advertising deals cheaper than Dish which I currently have). I cannot understand the people I'm speaking to, nor can they understand me, I have a simple name, John Smith, and I had to repeat my name twice and spell it!

It was VERY noisy in the background with people talking and laughing, I told the person perhaps you could hear me and I could hear you if the people in the background would be tone it down a bit. Needless to say that never happened and she continued to repeat questions I already answered. I became frustrated and told her "FORGET IT, I'M NOT INTERESTED, if I'm having this kind of issue wanting to became a new Direct TV customer, you would think I'd get excellent customer service with my first call to you"!

I'm going to stay with Dish Network, who needs these kind of issues simply requesting to sign on with Direct TV. VERY unprofessional!