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There is a collection agency (CMI) that continues to harass me with numerous calls from a computer system.

They are trying to collect a bill for $153.31 for Direct TV even though I have stated several times to them that I have never had Direct TV and have never done business with this company.

They have a computer calling system that call and ask if I am ___. At first it gave me a confirmation number and asked me to call them back with the number or go on line to fill out a form. The first several calls I did not have a pen ready and there was no option to replay the message.

I did go on line but when I entered the number given I received a message that that number was not in their system. Therefore, I could not communicate to them via the internet or their web site.

Then after a number of calls from them again to my cell phone, their computer system did connect me a live person. But she just started in on how I owed them money and how did I want to bay the outstanding bill. At this point she (Eris) would not tell me who the bill was owed to until I told her all of my personal information. (Social, address, home phone). On this call I was not going to give this information out to a person or company that I did not know. She hung up on me without giving me any information. With all of the ID theft, should I give out my personal information to someone I do not know if I am sure I am not late with any of my bills?

The calls continued all from the phone number 503.419.0030. After several more phone calls I was again connected to an operator (no name). This time I did give out my personal information just to get the calls to stop. This is the first time I learned that the collection was for Direct TV. I explained that I never had or will have Direct TV in my life. I was told it was my responsibility to call Direct TV to work out the problem.

Just to get the calls to stop I called but Direct TV. I was told they could not help me because I did not have the account number in question. I explained that is because I do not have an account number.

The phone calls stopped doe about a month but have now started up again. I have again explained that I am not the person they are looking for. I do not believe this is a case of ID theft. Once I did give out my personal information both collectors said OK and hung up. No apology, just hung up.

In this economy I have a hard enough time paying my own bills let alone bills that I do not owe. The collections companies just assume you are the bad guy without even trying to determine if there skip tracing is even the least bit accurate.

I have over 20 calls from this company documented on my cell phone. Their approach and tactics are so ambiguous and the automation so intolerant that it is impossible to communicate to them except on their terms.

I find their methods of collections outrageous for both Direct TV and CMT Credit Managing. I need them to just stop harassing me. What more should I do?

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They have gotten your information from somewhere even your cell#. Seems kind of remote that they would have all that info for a false account.Could someone have used your ID?

demand that they send you a bill and watch your credit report. Good Luck


Try to get the cell phone company to block these calls. It is a problem trying to call these people back and you can waste a lot of time.

If you have to talk to them, TELL them that they must send written proof of the (false) debt.

Of course, that will be a problem for them. Keep demanding written proof, and they will eventually go away.