Marysville, Washington
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I have Direct TV. I signed up for online controls of the account.

Under parental controls I pushed the option for no adult content. Unfortunly, they carry a number of adult informercial channels that sell adult sex toys. Even though I set up the option of having no adult content on Direct TV, that does not carry over to the ADULT SEX TOY INFOMERCIAL CHANNELS. My nine year old little girl, was going over the online guide saw a channel for "toys" and started to watch it.

I was not prepared to address adult issues like "sex toys" with my child and had believed by selecting Direct TV hide adult content that all was okay....

now we are headed for an appointment with a child counselor the help explain. It makes me sick I was paying 65/month for a service that has corrupted my little girls mind.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Don't use the television as a babysitter, problem solved. If you cannot speak to your child about these things without a psychologist I would hate to see you explain about sex once she reaches pubety.