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I had Direct TV service for about 11/2 to 2 years. I paid my bill all the time, only occasionally being even a little late.

I had some pay per view services I chose. Each time I did a pay per view it gave me a notice on the tv itself that it was billing my account.

When I halted the service, after a few months, I got a huge bill, in excess of #350, for "Pay per view charges on my receiver card." Incidentally, I made sure they got their receiver back; silly me!!

Anyway, I could never contact a representative that would even help me out to verify the charges. After a couple months of going round and round, just trying to verify the charges, they sent me to collection. Their collection company is just rude and of course won't even try to verify if this is a correct charge, which is all I want to find out.

I have finally turned the matter over to my lawyer, as I am not simply paying charges that their own equipment said were billed at the time, and they will not even verifiy the charges with me; only demanding the funds, and then sending me to collection when I did not roll over and pay.

They act like pirates and their business model is completely reprehensible.

Do NOT ever do business of any sort with Direct TV!!

Marc Bauder

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Direct TV "hides" this address but I found it! Bombard Ms. Filipiak with your complaints! Maybe, just maybe, they will realize JUST HOW BAD their service is and make changes. They hire and train people to be TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and then tie to you exorbitant contracts when they fail to provide the type of service that is expected.

If the industries won't police themselves, we, as consumers, have an obligation to. Also, contact your local Consumer Protection Agency (listed on County Gov't websites) with your complaints. These "monopolies" are ILLEGAL and the Consumer has to stand up for their rights.


I got the same problem. Did your lawyer help you get the matter resolved?


As a UK citizen spending some time in the states I feel so sorry for you having to put up with USA consumer laws. I have several friends here who have had so many problems with the sales techniques and also customer services plus the deceptive and disgusting way they have been spoken too. The cancellation fee's and long term contracts plus mis-selling is something we get in Europe but nowhere near the scale or glee that goes with Direct TV. It's as if there is something great and 'American' by shafting your fellow countrymen.

There also appears to be a totally toothless process for taking these mispractices to task. It feels as if you are duped, then tough luck-attorney's and trade commissions are not interested. Direct TV and it's disgusting ways would have been outed and outlawed in most EU countries.

Direct TV really is run and staffed by people who care about nothing but the dollar. just thank the stars you dont wake up and find yourself as the kind of person who spends their time working for such a horrible company.

If the American dream is to screw your fellow man and provide lame products with the worst customer service on the planet then Direct TV is leading the way.

I hope enough of you get together to hound these *** out of business.