Livingston, New Jersey
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We paid our bill on the 21st of December and our service was shut off by Direct TV on 25th, Christmas morning, some Christmas spirit. We paid thru bill pay at Wells Fargo, our account shows it was recieved.

Now we paid on line for a second time and still no service. I have tried every number to call with no avail. This company sucks on service. There should always be a real person to talk to.

We will be changing service soon. Direct tv also gives better specials to new customers, but not to the good ones they have. This company will fail if they don't improve on customer help and service.

Richard R. Baldridge rrb6244@gmail .com

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I wish I could agree with you on their failure but DTV ha been doing this for many.many years and getting away with it,it seems Money talks where they are concerned. And no one can seem to pass up a so called "Good Deal" As far as giving the best deals to new customers,they do this because they know they have the customer at their mercy for 2 yrs.It is a win-win situation for DirectTV.

Go to walmart or amazon and check out the Roku Player read the reviews,this is what I have and I love it! No more cable for me!