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When I signed up for Direct TV service, I was signing up for a sizable discount for the first year. The web page listed $52.99/month for the package I wanted, but the phone person said the current price package was $39.99. I verified with her, very carefully, that I had the right package and that the price was in fact lower than what I had seen online. In addition to that, they said I would have a discount of $10/month for the first 12 months, making my bill $29.99. And on top of that, I could get another $5 off by signing up for a rebate. There was no mention of any action required to get the first discount, nor to get the base price I was quoted. I was also not told that there was a time limit to obtain the discount or rebate. So overall, I should have had a bill of a bill of $25.99 for the first year, and $39.99 after that.

What is the reality? I was charged $52.99/month - a) this is not the base price they quoted me on the phone, and b) the larger discount was not included. Oh, and I was signed up for a service plan that I had *specifically* said I did not want, which would be charging another $5 or $6/month. So I called... and they said, "oh, sorry, don't know how you got signed up for the extra thing." And I was told that the larger discount also required me to sign up myself to receive it. But nothing on there being a time limit to sign up for it - just that if I did it withing the next billing cycle it would start the next month and follow for 12 months. And this didn't even address the issue that the base price, pre-dscount, was $12 more than I had been told on the phone.

Well, I was busy, and didn't get around to getting online right then. I went to go do it now... only to find the page I was told to go to wasn't even there. I called customer service... and was told there was a time limit to sign up for the discount/rebate, that this information was in my first bill, and that there was no way to get it now. I looked back on my first bill, but NOWHERE on there did it say there was a time limit. Finally I sorted through those single sheet junk advertisements that come with all bills, and finally I found a page - mixed in with ad junk about special football ordering and getting your friends to order DTV - with a single line about a time limit. After I complained a great deal about this, she said she could give me the $5 rebate, but nothing else, and said that a supervisor couldn't give it to me either. When I asked to speak to a supervisor so I could at least file a serious complaint against the way the company is running the program she said it would be a long wait, >30min because of some *** football thing, and that if I did so, she wouldn't give me the $5 discount. I finally ended up taking the $5, and said I would call back tomorrow evening to file a complaint with a supervisor.

Direct TV's business practice is deplorable. They're giving giving wrong pricing information over the phone when ordering, and not giving information on restrictions for getting the discounts they advertise when you sign up. The one place they do tell you about the discount is mixed in with essentially junk mail, designed so that almost noone will look at it. Meanwhile, having gotten customers to sign up for a service claimed to cost $25/month for a year and then only $39 afterwards, they proceed to charge $52. If any of you are looking to sign up for or change your TV service in the future, I would recommend avoiding Direct TV like the plague.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Rebate.

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i have been with directv for over 10 years an have recently had to turn away from their services due to billing issues. i upgraded to the hd/dvr and when i did they charged me full price for all the programing which came to around 240.00 monthly.

I had highspeed internt, gold choice & the spanish network for soccer since they don't offer a soccer pkg. Until I upgraded, the spanish channel was a small cost since it was the basic pkg.I don't know anyone who can afford these outlandish prices. I called and cancelled and now have to pay 900.00 plus to cover my cancellation as I have 21 months left on my account @ 20.00 pr month. I have moved over to Dish network wich has been completely up front with all th charges and they have a pkg with soccer on it for 14.99 per month.

Direct tv wll get 50.00 per month until I have paid them in full.

Any one joining one of the satellite cmpanies for viewing purposes should have faxes available and have the salesperson send them a complete transmission of what they are getting into including any rebates and tim limits.



I just got taken the same way, I signed up two days ago online for the $29 special for one year and got charged $61.99 plus a $25 equipment fee. Now they say I have to pay them $480 to cancel.

They say that if I would have signed up for the rebate online I wouldn't have been charged, however now I have to wait eight weeks to get the price that was advertised.

Meanwhile they get to rip me off until they process the rebate. There is NOTHING in the order process that mentions a rebate.


Mike ,

Direct tv ...cheat and scam to generate more revenues( this is a inside info)

we are watching you.


Mike, thanks for the offer of assistance. I would definitely like to see if there is anything you can do to help me, especially since my previous attempts to get assistance from customer service have gone poorly. I'd certainly rather be a happy customer than a very unhappy one! Unfortunately the web page code is blocking your email address, even though I do have Javascript enabled. Could you try to contact me at alison _ breeze (at) yahoo . com ? Hopefully that will get past the javascript blocker...

To answer some of your points:

- I do understand that the web page lists a price of $52.99. That's what I was expecting when I called to sign up. However, that was absolutely NOT the price that the sales rep quoted to me over the phone. She said that after the first year was up, the cost would go up to $39.99. I was surprised by this, and clarified twice, very clearly. I made sure we were talking about the same plan, and that the price was what she was saying. If the $39.99 price is not correct, then Direct TV has a very serious problem, because sales reps somewhere are giving out very incorrect pricing information. I've read at least one other complaint on this forum from someone else who was quoted $39.99 as well.

- Of more concern to me, I was not aware that the discount - a discount I was counting on when I signed up - was valid only if I went online during a limited time. Despite what the customer service person said when I called the other day, this restriction was absolutely not listed on my first bill. I went through that bill with a fine tooth comb thinking I'd missed it somehow, but it is not there. The only place I finally found mention of a restriction was on one of the junk-mail fliers tossed in. And I'm sorry, but putting something important like that in between advertisements for special football programs and requests to get your friends to sign up is very much not the proper way to inform consumers of restrictions. Like most people, I don't read the junk flier ads. I did not understand that there was a time limit to sign up for the discount.

I would be very happy to spend the 2 minutes now to go online to sign up for the rebate, but the (rather curt and unhelpful) customer service person said I missed the deadline. As I didn't KNOW about the deadline, I would like the opportunity to rectify the situation now. Basically, I'd like to have the basic sign-on discount (12 months) that I was promised.

Very specifically, writing word for word directly from the notes I took while I was ordering, here is what I was quoted: "$5 off for 12 months. Additionally, $29.99/mo for 1 yr, then $39.99 after. Verified right package. Verified this and not the $52.99 on web"

Information on plan: I have the Choice Monthly package, with one Direct TV standard receiver.

(Regarding the protection plan...Yes, I know what it is, and the pros and cons. I opted out when I signed up. Yet somehow it was still on my account and bill item list. I had to call and get someone to fix it. This issue is taken care of - I mentioned it only because it fit the overall trend of the poor experience I have had so far.)

Again, thank you for your kind offer of assistance. I hope that you are able to help me fix the situation.


Had direct tv installed last week after being ripped off by TIME WARNER for over 10 yrs, if you think DIRECT TV Scams you try TIME WARNER that not only scam you but **** you in the rear.I got everything Direct tv offers plus NFL GAME TICKET AND HD-DVR for $84 a month if you got this from TIME WARNER you would pay$190 a month - now after 4 months I can pick the package I want and still keep the NFL TICKET AND HD-DVR for free - so I have to say its still a better deal then Cable


I have to disagree here. I work for direct tv as a sales rep in one of the many centers around the country. As far as pricing goes the 52.99 was correct. There is a 18 rebate that needs to be redeemed online and takes 2 mintues. The ten dollar exclusion as far as for a year is incorrect. For the first month that can be done. 5.99 is the protection plan for the equipment and dish realignment that needs to be done. without it a tech would chart a flat rate of 75. so it does pay for its self.

I am sorry you had this bad experience and I wish that I was the one who sold your service.

First of all feel free to contact me at and let me see if there is something I can do to get you either a resolution. IF you do send me your plan you are on and how many receivers that sort of thing.

Let me see what I can do...