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after sun goes down when cold no singal day when sun up tv works fine direct said 50$ service dish out of align i put towel over dish sensor works fine coast 0$ all they want to do is *** out of our hardearned money told them three days in a row whatit was doing but wouldnt listen i live in mo and its colder than normal temps around

0 degrees ive been whit diret tv for 3 years they never offer anything for excisting coustmers but say they will give all kinds of deals to new costmers or say the will and usaly cost alot more than they quote

pissed off costmer

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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We've had Direct TV for less than 1 year and it seems we have a problem every week with lost signal (have to push reset button ) but this time I get NO SIGNAL AT ALL. Nothing helps.

All it says is "775 problem communicating with dish." Never had that before, and all connections are intact. Here in Phx, weather is hardly ever a problem with a signal, but we're SO pissed with Direct TV.

Had we known, we'd have stayed with COX communications. COX is a lot higher per month, but hardly any problems.


I am in Boca Raton, FL in a high rise condo. The association switched to DirectTV to bundle T.V./internet and save money and now the reception sucks.

How can you screw up reception when someone lives in a high rise? *** :( !


I got talked into DirectTV via a Verizon bundle. I loved it the first 8 months.

Then all of a sudden I get no reception between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m It is the oddest thing. It's like clockwork daily. Had a tech out he could do nothing.

I finally decided to terminate my 2 year agreement and they will NOT waive the early termination fee. They insist they can fix the issue but they can't. The tech said so. They do have very nice customer service but they will not let you out of the contract.

I really think these type of contracts should be outlawed! We should be able to have whatever service we want!


Thanks to all the posts on here...we just lost our signal last night during severe t-storms and it never came back...found the sensor cover on the dish dry rotted after 10 years and broke exposing the sensor. After reading all of this we called and complained telling them we read some really negative *** about them and we were switching to cable if they weren't helpfull...bottom line...we're having the service fee waived, receiving receiver upgrades, reimbursment for time down, service upgrade for 3 months and a free DVR for 12 months. Never had much of a problem with Directv but they definately did right by us now.


The biggest problem is the dish is too small. It is the minimum size that will work in clear weather.

They used to sell a clamp on device that would expand the dish to 24" vs the 18" it is now. Worked much better, even in rain storms. No cure for snow on the dish except a brush. Also, make sure dish has clear view from trees.

The dish actually looks a little higher in the sky than the dish appears to be pointed to. Good luck.


My Direct TV equipment goes down every night. Same problem with the same technicians/customer service folks. May be time to visit the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.


I had an issue where I was without signal for 3 days. After going through their over-the-phone troubleshooting (to no help at all), I had to schedule a service call.

Guy came, readjusted the dish, no problems. Until the bill came and I got slapped with a $50 dollar service call charge. I was never informed of this when I initially called, nor when the guy showed up. I called customer service to complain.

After about 40 minutes of waiting for a supervisor, she hung up on me.

Nice going DirecTV. Another customer lost due to your lack of customer service.


I was considering direct tv until I read the negitive ads on this web site. I have already had dish network, and it was poor at best. I guess I'll stay with comcast.


Direct TV - poor service - poor equipment

don't use them. I would change imediately but they want to charge me $480 if I leave early. Save yourself a lot of grief use anybody else.


I live in snow area, just keep ladder next to dish and clean snow off and have not problem. also installed heaters on dish helps in light snow so something you can do to help


Thank you all. You saved me from making a mistake and signing up for Direct TV based on the marketing commercials during football. Comcast stinks, but not like the complaints listed at this site.


We have had DirecTV for 11 years and it has been one problem after another. During inclement weather the signal cuts out.

The picture is poor quality. We have paid hundreds of dollars for service calls and no help. We finally put in 3 HDTV's and it got worse. Poor picture quality.

An HD-DVR would not function. The third HDTV could not be hooked up at all. Poor reception and during rain no picture at all. Etc, etc.

Told DirecTV to take their stuff out and they said "sure, and pay us $480.

Scummy operation. When I asked for refund for $ paid for HD-DVR DirecTV said "no", but we will give you a few months of SHO (refund should have been over $200).

Bye DirecTV. :( never never never again


I had direct-tv 15 years ago and if there was a drop of rain or snow the signal went down. I had cable up until I moved to an area where there were no cable lines so I was forced to go with satellite.

Well 15 years later I see they have done NOTHING to be able to combat inclement weather.

We are being hit with a huge snow storm in New York and I am forced to sit with my radio to hear how much snow we are getting and whatever information I need. Nice going Direct tv.


I keep getting Searching For Signal. Direct TV keeps telling me it is my equipment, and I would have to pay a $50.00 service call or 5.99 a month for 1 year to get it repaired.

It is odvious that I am receiving limited or no signals from Direct TV themselves, and they want me to pay more money. It is a big rip off.

I had Dish Network for 5 years before, and did not have any problems. Also, I got ripped off on what I thought was a deal from Direct TV.


I have not had a signal since about 4:00 p.m. I live in NY, and yes we are getting hit with alot of snow, but you would think they'd be prepared.

There is no signal strength whatsoever!! I called Direct TV and was told that due to the inclement weather, it could either be my dish or the satelite itself.