Mansfield, Ohio
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Be Careful guys Direct Tv and the installers are 2 separate companies. Make sure everything works before you sign the contract !!!!!

My girlfriend and I are splitting. With Direct Tv in my name, we shopped around for the best deal to transfer the account to hers. Got a good deal from Menard's in Mansfield, Ohio. The installer was a nice guy. He cleaned up and did a good job. However as far as Direct Cinema goes , he said it may take a little bit for things to download to work with the software and things. So she signed the contract and he left. The home network as far as being able to record from the base nor the Direct Cinema ended up working. I tried to call the installer right away and he said to check the Internet connections and reset the boxes. So I hung up and none of that worked. I called a technician from directv and he told me to unplug the ethernet connection on the main DVR box. That took care of the home network as for viewing from the other rooms !. However , as for the Direct Cinema, I need an SWM Splitter and a Deka kit;. 30 some dollars.. Direct Tv said they were not responsible even though Direct Cinema was on her contract|. They said they were not responsible for the parts|. THEY TRIED TO SELL ME ONE ! ! I have tried to call the installer that states Smart Circle on his van at least 5 times including 2 text and he will not return or answer my calls!. Gonna try another phone on Mon". My brother had things installed 2 weeks ago and his installer put the necessary equipment in for everything to work proper|. If anyone has a solution to this problem, Please email me at What complete BS.

Ya know I been thinking. I'm not sending my receiver's back or paying my last bill until they fix this problem. It's not the thing of the equipment only costing me 30 some dollars. It's the fact I was done wrong. I don't take kindly to that.

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If you do not send their equipment back,DTV will charge a HUGE sum on the credit card or bank account they have on file for you.DTV often tries to charge even though the customer sent their equipment back so to protect your self always get a tracking # when returning anything to to DTV.