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First one day after install my daughter box won't work. I call direct tv up.

Customer says a technician will contact me with an appointment to install a new box. I never talked to anyone from direct tv. The next thing I know is that I got the box in the mail. I call them up to walk me through install process.

The guy on the phone tells me to put the old receiver in the box and set it on front porch, someone from direct tv will pick it up. O.K. I thought until I happened to check my bill three days before the money was supposed to be withdrawn from my account. My bill was $285.

I call up again the lady says she can't do anything except send me a label to ship it back to them except it would take 3 days. I tell her this can't wait that long so she gives me the address for me to fed ex to them. The next day at work my o-worker starts to set it up and realizes they never gave me a authorization for them to accept payment for the receiver. I ended up calling several times talking to 4 different reps.

Nobody could give me this number they all said they would have to send the label through the mail. I asked if they could e-mail it to me they coudn't do that either. One lady could not even understand me, so I asked to speak to her manager. She ened up keeping me on hold for 10 minutes.

The next lady I talked to said for me to call my bank and cancel the payment. I ended up paying for the shipment, and I did try canceling the payment but that would have been more than an overdraft fee.i was really screwed. I had to call up again because of some additional charges on my bill. Direct tv said we ordered adult movies on a day which me and my whole family weren't even home.

Then they had a $22 charge for for the receiver they had sent in the mail. The one to replace the *** receiver they gave me in the first place.

It's been about a month since I first signed up and now the only DVR we have crappped the bed. DO NOT GET DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I'm sorry that sounds like some poor misinformation. If they sent you a new receiver to replace a recently replaced receiver then you should be under you 90 day coverage warranty that waves the cost of the delivery and handling the $22 that you were charged.

Double check that. As far as the ppvs, that will be a huge hassle for you to get rid of because the access cards have all of that information stored on them and any unpaid charges stay there until the old box is turned in.

Now if you *** enough, and i you talk to enough people more than likely someone will be having a bad day and just waive your charges but you have to be quite persistent because they are not supposed to. As far as the high bill was this the non return fee for not shipping back the old receiver, the ppvs charges, or both?

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