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After they had been cramming my bill for the last 10 months, I went through each invoice with their customer service and was reimbursed over $180. I then paid my balance of $30 (bank has the charge on file). and told them to turn if off. I'm done trying to babysit adults taking money out of my pocket. But NO it gets better.

I have returned all my equipment and have documented that. Then 3 months after I have terminated their service, they debit my business bank account for $402. out of the blue!!!! I NEVER put them on auto draft. I used different personal and business debit cards to pay my bills. When I called to raise ***, they said they would send me a PreLoaded Debit card because they could not find why I would be charged $402. By the way I have been a customer since 2004.

NOW they decided to come up with some charge and took it out of my bank account WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION!!!! They said they capture and keep all debit card info, numbers, passwords and bank account numbers TO RUN AT THEIR DISCRETION. This is robbery!

NEVER get Direct TV and if you really have to, GET A PREPAID Debit Card or you will be sorry. And if your BANK does not reverse the charge, CHANGE BANKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Reason of review: Fraudulent use of my Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $402.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Cons: Customer service and pricing, Untrustworthy billing practices.

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That was a bit hard to read, let me translate that for people who want the truth you signed an agreement part of said agreement (section 5) says they have a right to keep ANY card used to pay on the account to pay for outstanding charges you where told this when you called in the payment (didn't listen to the rep) or it was part of the terms of service if you paid online ( and didn't read it) either way this is a reflection on you being a deadbeat and not on DirecTV's business practice's they lived up to their agreement and took the money I as an employee of the company am glad they enforce the agreement gives us a good laugh when people call in


People like you are the reason this company is so bad with customers. You make me ill.

Why are you anonymous? Tell us your name if you think its so funny to rip people off. I bet you were fired from your job as a result of your total lack of respect for other people. Deadbeats?


Rudeness personified. You will surely go to ***.