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Being on a very limited income,I continually check my bank for the current balance.I had 35.00 left until I would get paid again.To my horror,my bank card was declined for a gallon of milk.In my total humiliated state,I contacted my bank.They informed me that Direct tv put a $781.20 hold on my account.I immediately contacted Direct Tv.After 3 days,totally over six hours of talk time and conference calls with my bank and supposed "supervisors" of Direct Tv,the well-known company denied any such charge,it did not reflect on my account.My bank asked for a simple note on Direct Tv letterhead stating they do not see the charge.Not only did Direct Tv refuse to submit this request to free up my account hold,they actually refused any type of help towards the resolution.I am a single Mom.I explained my life is in ruins because of this.NO HELP AT ALL.My bank (I APPLAUD TD BANK,formerly COMMERCE!!)for their patience time and assistance.A gentleman from TD remained on hold with me over an hour and a half waiting for a Direct TV rep..who ultimately refused to discuss the situation any further.My bank has started their own investigation and assured me though it would not be immediate,my funds would be available soon.U SUCK DIRECT TV!THANKS FOR SHOWING YOUR TRUE COMPANY ETHICS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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DirectTV may try to recharge your account

I have read where they have done this to other people.When you get your money returned to your account,you may have to close your bank account to prevent this.


I am in the same boat was a customer for 7 years. Went to work for their competitor so decided to cancel Directtv.

Called three times have the names of everyone and even recorded one conversation. Asked every single time if I had a contract or agreement that would cost me anything to cancel. Told every time by representatives - Rachel, Victor, Cherry, Raine. And you know don't pick *** names if your over in india stick with tom *** and harry.

Anyway got a finally bill from them and a notice that my house payment had bounced because they took 400.25 out of my account. I called and was on the phone today for 3 hours waiting for a supervisor. Thats a joke! I work in a Call Center and if my associates worked like they did, they would be fired.

Still waiting for a "manager" from India to call me. Contacted local news media and will be working towards the congressman shortly.