well hello out there,i have been looking fot a place to complain.i subscribed to direct tv on a special hook up plan.first i had to giv to installers $150 dollers.then i had to give a $200 doller deposit for bad credit.kept getting bills for $129 dollers amonth.paid 4 of the bills ,all the time complaing to an unknown person on the phone that said they would adjust it on th e knext bill,never happened.now i moved because of medical reasons i called to get the final bill--paid $40 dollers over the phone with my debt card.my next bill was for $719.66.they took it from my acct. without my permission(was that legal?)happehed to be my rent mony.sent my boxes back and they said they owed me $524 and now get this!!! would take 4 to6 weeks and they can not send a check they have to redeposit to my acct.no one knows where all that other mony went.how is this for a story

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