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My husband lost his job and we fell behind on our DTV payments. We racked up a $300 bill with DTV and they shut our service off.

They FedEx'ed two empty boxes for us to return our recievers. We called to let them know that we were not going to return the recievers because we were planning on paying our bill in full and resuming our service on June 20th. The customer service rep I spoke to said that she would note that on our account. On June 5th, they charged my checking account $1039.00!!!

I kid you not, $1039.00 was taken out of my checking account without any sort of warning. I called them immediately and demanded to speak to a supervisor who informed me that they had charged me the full retail price of both of my recievers, a cancelation fee, etc, saying that according to my contract I would be charged in full for any charges when my account was officially closed. I keep all of my contracts and paperwork and I found no such contract. Previously, we had our payments automatically deducted from a checking account.

But the checking account they charged the $1039 to was not the checking account we used to make our payments from. This is my checking account that we use to pay our rent and car payment from. It turns out that we had made a one time payment with this debit card several months ago, and they just took the liberty to charge the full amount to an account that they had no authorization to charge. Needlees to say, my rent check bounced as did my car payment!

DTV told me that the only way for me to recover any of the money they stole from my account was to ship back the recievers and then they would refund me $400 of the $1039! That meant they were going to charge me $639 for a $300 bill! Then they mentioned that if I decided to reactivate my service that I would be refunded all but the $300. So we decided to do that, since my husband is a football addict and NEEDS NFL Sunday Ticket.

So I reactivated my account that day and they told me that the money would be put back into my checking account within 5-8 business days. What???? I can't wait that long for over $700 to be put back into my account!!! How can it take that long when it only takes a push of a button for them to yank the money OUT of my bank account?

But I was assured by the supervisor that the money would go into my bank account within 5 days, I had explained that I needed to pay my carpayment and my rent payment within one week. 5 days later, I called to make sure the money was on its way because I had set up payment plans for my car payment the next day. I was assured that it was going to be in my account by the end of the business day.

The next morning, no money.

I called and was told that the money had been CREDITED to my DTV account, not sent back to my bank account!!! Even after the supervisor assuring me that it would be sent to my bank account. So I speak to another supervisor. And now I'm reeling!!!

He says that according to the computer, I hadn't requested it be refunded to my bank account. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! So he then tells me that he has made the changes neccessary and my bank account would be credited. would take at least 5 business days.

Oh my freaking god! At this point I was about to loose it. When the money was finally deposited into my account it had been 20 days since my initial request. Every person I spoke to on the phone was ridiculous.

The whole process was ridiculous.

And if it weren't for my husbands ridiculous addiction to NFL football games I would have cancelled my service in a heartbeat.

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Directv stole 955.74 out of my bank account, which was a whole paycheck. so i have had to try and live without anything for 17 days.

everytime i call i talk to a different person at a different location and can never talk with someone who can tell me anything except that it is with the finance department and they will call me. if any of you know how to go to some one higher up please let me know


i am soooo happy i didnt go with directv. i had a friend who had over 400 dollars stolen from his bank account by directv...he didnt even owe the money.

ive seen alot of complaints about dtv. the lies the scams the stealing. they claim they never get back the receivers they send the boxes for just so they can lie and get money...they ALWAYS claim they never get receivers can millions of people not send them back. the best thing to do would be to cancel your bank account first then call them and tell them you want to cancel.

lololol..they cant take your money out and as for the receivers...SMASH them!!

they are just gonna lie and say they didnt get them back anyway. :x


I have been a direct tv customer for about 6 months. i called the middle of may to have my services suspended because i was between jobs.

i was told i had a balance but that i could suspend services anyways and that i wouldnt be charged anything else on my account and that i would have 9 months to pay my balance and resume services before my account would go to cancellation status. well this week they took 450$ out of my bank account (apparently they keep your bank info on file so they can take money out of your account when they want to) i was on the phone for awhile and went through the rep who answered the phone, her supervisor then to the call center manager.

who said she might be able to get me some money back if i started my services back with them but they would start billing me again immediately. i suspended my services cause i couldnt afford it to being with and now i am still unemployed, no unemployment compensation and now they just stole 450$ out of my account and they want me to start service with them again, and if i do they might be able to give me 200 back (maybe 200 or less) well that was my rent and power bill money, so how can i have cable if i don't have a place to live or bank cant refund the money cause direct tv used my debit card.


to the person who said that I obviously had enough money to pay my bill because they were able to take $1039.00 out of my account...Have you ever heard of getting your paycheck and having every single dollar in your check already set up to go somewhere else? Like rent?

Car Payments? Insurance? Grocery shopping to feed the family? So, unfortunately for me, they took this money out right when I got paid, and just before it went to all of it's designated places.

Please think twice before you post such a comment. Just because someone has $1039 in their account for 1 day doesn't mean it's just sitting there collecting interest.


direct tv did the same to me, took 650 dollars out. i had canceled service, i was not in a contract and i OWN the HDDVR box they sent me (I did not pay 300 for it to give it back, i would have stayed with time warner cable).

they said a service call to adjust the dish put be back in contract!! so i got hit with breach of contract fees, non returned reciever fees and two months of service i DIDNOT get. I called, they agreed, and said they would give me a credit, i got all the letters and the online account shows the credit but it is day 31 since i was told it would be 5 to 7 days for it to go back into my account. i always make one time payments, they used the card on file to charge this which they did not have permission.

i cancled cause i could not afford the service anymore and had exactly the amount for my mortage in the account (923.34) and now it is getting ready to be 2 months behind as of the 15th.

as soon as they put the money back in my account i am reporting my debit card lost. they'll have to sue me for the reciever!


It has to be in the contract somewhere that if you don't pay your bill they will charge you. And to the lady who said there was $1039.00 taken from her account-you obviously had enough to pay the bill-you should have just paid it to begin with.


Today direct tv took 703.50 cents from my checking account for unreturned warning...nothing...They said once we sent our recievers back it would take 6 TO 8 WEEKS for the money to be back in my account...freaking rediculous! They had no authorization, but posted to our account that they got authorization on the 8th of september...Im filing with my bank to get the money put back...but can they legally do that to people?

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