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What else can you call it but stealing with someone takes $500+ from your bank account without your authorization and without any reason. That is exactly what Direct TV did to me.

It was promising to be a good day back on 6/28/2010; of course that was until I checked my bank accounts to discover that over five hundred dollars had been with drawn from it. Needless to say, I freaked out. I live paycheck to paycheck by most people.

I immediately called Direct TV to find out why this had happened knowing I had not missed a single payment nor had ever been late since signing up with them. Essentially I was told that they had no record of that money being taken and that I needed to call my bank.

I did contact my bank and soon filed a claim in order to retrieve my money back. Two an a half weeks later, I did, thanks to the efforts of my bank, get my money back.

However, I still want to know what happened, and Direct TV is not being helpful at all. I keep getting the run around and they even had one point tried to get me to admit fault as they asked me questions like "Did you give your account information out to anyone?"

In order to prove my claim that their company mishandled my information (which their privacy agreement guarantees the protection of such information), I was told I need to fax my bank statement and that I could omit certain parts of my statement. Really? Fax my financial information, no matter how much is omitted, over an open fax line to an office where any individual can pick it up? Why would I do that after I have seen evidence that Direct TV can handle the information they already have in their system.

Of course, there was also the claim that the fraud department would be in contact with me about my situation. They never called. When I called to find out way, I was then told that I am not guaranteed the fraud department would call me, and the department supposedly doesn't have a number. Apparently, communication is only done by email. How inefficient.

Customer Service reps that I have talked to have ranged from nice and unhelpful to rude and unhelpful. How are they #1 in customer satisfaction?

So where am I now? I have my money back, but I am still disgruntled in how my claim and complaint was handled. I haven't found out how this all happened in the first place, and I have yet to receive any real apology from the company. If it was some random personal on the street that stole my money, they would be in jail. Direct TV does it, and nothing gets done. They do not appear even the least bit interested in investigating a possible flaw in their system that could, one day, get them audited, or fined. Shame on you Direct TV.

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Madison, Illinois, United States #235801

IS there anyone that can help stop them from taking money from people account . first opened this account in my daughter name but my ss# then took almaost 300.00 buck from my account Please this has to stop they are riping people off..

Is there anyone that can hlep


they did the same thing to me yesterday!

Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania #167302

Update: I went by my bank to find out more information about how my bank handled the claim on their end. Come to find out they do not send bank information in a dispute.

They merely inform the company that a customer is disputing a charge and they only have so long to prove it. The lady at the bank also called direct tv's billing department to try to find out if there was any record of the transaction taking place on the day it occurred (with any account). Apparently, Direct TV is unable to look up that kind of information. Really?

Then how do you even bill people in the first place? Needless to say, their billing and accounts processes are highly inadequate.

Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania #166876

Editing correct to my complaint. I meant to say that "I have seen evidence that Direct TV CAN'T handle the information they already have in their system."

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