Hagerstown, Indiana

Direct TV recently went into my bank account and took all of my money without authorization. Now I have 16 bounced check fees at 31.00 a pop.

,000 out of my account now I'm in a serious bind.

They tried to claim equiptment not returned was the reason for this charge however the problem is you cannot return their equiptment without their boxes to ship them. I received the boxes July 30, the same day my account was debited. Curious right? The best part is the Direct TV bill is my husbands, the bank account is mine.

How is it legal?? They proceeded to tell my husband that they keep all cards used to pay the bill on file. Legal??

So don't help your family, friends, or even your spouse pay their bill because you can get zapped in a big way. Direct TV your actions are deplorable!!

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It is illegal to do that they do not have your authorization. If I were you I would file a suit and charge them for lawyer fees your 16 bounced check fees, and make the case publicly know to show their illegal behavior.


exact same thing happened to me. I called the bank and disputed the charges.

After investigation where they found i never authorized the payment, my money was returned and bank fees.

They do this all the time. I changed my card number so they could not do it again, and in the end i wound up with my money

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