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Direct tv took 250 dollars out of my account without my approval and I didn't owe them anything. They charged me for 4 months after I canceled them.

Now I'm being charged penalty fees and they say I can get refunded for 30 days. I want my refund now cuz talks screw up has put me in a financial bind.

Now the money I had in the bank to pay my bills is gone and now I have to use my paycheck to fix talks mistake and get be hind on my bills. I'm not satisfied with direct tv at all I'll go with dish network or uverse next time.

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They just stole my money! They charged my debit card without my authorization!

They said they never got the receivers! What can I do?


i am having the same problem, now i have 4 draws from my bank and i do not owe them anything! they actually owe me for all the damages to my home from the installer.

i am at the point of closing my checking just to get tho to stop.

i don't want to accidentally be overdrawn and insure more fees! i feel helpless


I got my money back from my bank and then buried everyone of the collection agencies this crooked company sent. I won.

No more letters. Credit rating still AAA. First file an unauthorized charge with credit company or bank. They have 60 days to respond, they won't.

They get too many. Then, answer every credit agency letter you get and tell them you did not authorize the charge and they will say it's in the contract. Tell them to send you a copy of the contract you SIGNED that states it. Then write all three credit agencies to have this removed from your rating for the above reasons and send them copies of the letters you sent to anyone regarding this.

Direct TV does not have the resources to fight you as they have too many complaints. They will go after the people not fighting. There are also several class action lawsuits against them for this issue. cite them in your communications.

You can win. I DID. You just have to be persistent.

Oh yeah..record all phone conversations with them or credit agencies. If they do something wrong you can sue.

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