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Last month, I had to argue with Direct TV because they were charging me for equipment that I already had, stating that they had sent me new equipment. I contacted customer service and had the error removed, leaving me with a balance of $38.78, which I promptly paid.

Today, I received a bill in the mail with a previous balance of $201.60... how can I have a previous balance when I paid the entire amount owed from last month? This a question I have been asking customer service all night. I have literally been on the phone with one customer service rep after another, totally over 4 hours of phone time.

I have been hung up on three times by customer service reps, one of them being a supervisor. Evidently, it all boils down to this... I supposedly received a credit to a card that supposedly was on my account, even though I had requested only a prepaid card be attached to my account, and I had informed customer service, a billing supervisor, AND a tech that the previous card had been disabled due to the account being closed. It was closed because my identity had been stolen, something I had also informed a Direct TV rep.

So after going around and around this evening, the bottom line is this... even though I requested and confirmed a new debit card for my account, even though I clearly stated that no other card could be used, and even though I expressly stated that no money could be withdrawn or credited without my previous knowledge, my wishes were disregarded and a credit of $257.25 was sent to a card that is no longer in service and with an account that is no longer active. So now, I magically have a previous balance of $201.60, which wasn't there less than 30 days ago, money has been credited to an account that is not active and I have no access to, and I owe Direct TV $365.70, even though I pay my bills, have clearly communicated with Direct TV each and every month my wishes. I have been a good customer and done my part, but when I call the customer service department, all I get is the standard "I am sorry and understand your frustration" while also stating that there is nothing they can do.

Direct TV screwed up. They made the mistake. They are the ones at fault, and yet, even though I have paid my bill each and every month, I now have to be penalized and pay more???? I am sick and tired of working hard, paying my bills, and trying to be a good person and citizen while big corporations give me cliche phrases of "sincere apologies" while really not giving a dam.

I am angry and want this error on the part of Direct TV resolved. I am not going to pay extra money to you for your screw up. I do not have extra money to just throw away because you all messed up.

You messed up, you should own up to it and fix it, and that is the bottom line.

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If you do use a credit card,use a prepaid one and do not tell them it is a prepaid card. DirectTV is looking out for their interest and their interest only,they want an active credit card or bank account on file so they cay place charges if they so desire (without your consent)There is no being honest with DTV,they are the lowest form of scam artist and they know all the tricks.