Mecosta, Michigan

Direct Tv Stole money from our account. It was a fraudulent charge and we are not customers of theres.

They would not give us our money back. Told it would take 10-15 days and we dont get paid for two more weeks! Drained our checking and saving leaving us stranded on the road with no money and no food with our two young girls all night in Michigan. ITS COLD HERE!!

And to top it off we were across state visiting My mother in law in the hospital in a coma. I just kept getting transferred to India. They said there was nothing they could do or no one for us to talk to. Even After a three way call with us, our bank and Direct tv still no Help.

They left us on the the side of the road with nothing. I had to borrow money from a stranger to eat and get us home.They took $875 from checking and even $38 from our savings. Now we dont have rent gas or heat money and no money to get to our jobs.

This company does what they want when they want! STAY AWAY!!

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#461590 need to call them and have them send boxes for the equipment and be sure to get a tracking# to prove they get it.Ask your cc if there is a possibility DTV can post charges to this new #. If you believe you have a good case, you can ask for this to be resolved through Mediation

Anonymous...Did you ask your bank if they would reverse the charges? Explain to them what has happened and that you are on the street,surely they will help you and reverse the charges.You may also file charges with your local police,they will probably be able to help you and tell you what to do.


Sorry to hear your situation, I cancelled Direct TV right after three day since they didn't gives us what they promised, They sent me a bill for a 88.00 charge from my account and when I called them I couldn't get into any agreement with them, so I told them that I will call them back after talk it over with my husband, just to gain some time; immediately I contacted my Credit Card and I change the numbers on it and put a dispute on the 88.00 plus the 21 deposit, the last amount was credited, so I am working on this to see how I can get rid of the morons. I still have the equipment tough.

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