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Iam outraged at the fact that direct TV took $749.00 from my account. the only thing i did last year was pay a bill for my mother using my card because she didn't have a debit card, never knowing they'd come after me months later for the balance on her account,this Cannot be legal!

ive contacted better business bureau, district attorney, and action news, Action news informed me that if i got enough people together that theyd investigate.

People please if this has happened to you please email me at if we work together we will get our money back, im working night and day on this im crying out to anyone that will listen, Because this is wrong!!! when i called to speak with a rep they spoke to me So Disrespectfully, i WILL NOT LET THIS GO!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $749.

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What the Direct TV reps tell you on the phone and what happens with billing are 2 different animals...BEWARE!!


Why even try this is another case of I'm right and nothing you can say, show, prove to me will make me think I am wrong, You did'nt live up to your contract, they DO have the right to take their money, the contact was showed to you, maybe you should get someone who knows how to read to go over it word by word with you because Section 5e does say they can and WILL take money owed to them off the card on file, I deal with it at least 25 times a week and most of them can not get the idea of giving your card number in the past for a security deposit for possible charges in the future, you gave the card, you where TOLD and you can read the agreement at any time at directv .com/agreement so thank I would like to thank you for having enough money in your account to make sure we got all the money owed


There is another person that posted on this site the same thing happened to her and she got her money back read her post on how she did it. good Luck


That's me, Lol I posted that and got my money back. Thanx tho' that was my last post after this one, that was my results.


OK so 1st. You authorized the use of the card to dtv when the payment was made there is terms with that payment one term is card on file in short says it is OK to keep that payment on file for outstanding balance owed so you or your authorized agent agreed so get your mother to pay dtv got the money owed and perfectly acceptable manner

@dtv billing rep

my credit card was a one time use only one payment this was not going to be a reoccurring fees the terms and conditions should apply to account holders only I am NOT an account holder for DirecTV I have no links,no ties no contract no anything with DIRECTV personally I think this is a way for DirecTV to rip off people. II do not care what your terms and conditions arejust because it is in your terms and conditions does not make it legal this type of thing should not happen y'all are taking money from people and it does not belong to you you have no right to do these things that is the bottom line!

my voice will be heard and I will not give up I am sure you bet I will get my money back because this is wrong.oh and the corporate office over in El Segundo California I have contacted them also and they are looking into it. I will not leave one stone unturned


No you don't seem to understand it does give them the right you agreed to the terms when you gave permission to use the card if you made the transaction you where told the policy if you let someone else use your card you gave them permission to accept terms of payment either way you should collet from the account holder because it has been established by the courts it is legal


Dont tell me what i dont understand you have no clue what youre talking about Especially in regards to terms of payment being established by the courts is legal, its infact Not Legal do your research!! by the way look at the updated post with photo enclosed showing that i was REFUNDED, my money back within hours after speaking with Rep from better business bureau, and attorney generals office in tallahassee.