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About 4 months ago i paid my ex girlfriends account at direct tv. On the 31st of this month Direct TV withdrew 916.55 out of my account. I dont even have Direct TV. My name is not on her account anywhere. I only get paid once a month and they have drained my entire bank account leaving me without money for food or money to pay my bills. I Never aithorized any of these charges and my name is Not even on this bill. when i contacted them they said they just bill any credit card on file it doesnt matter if its not my account or not. But that they will look into it and it could take up to 45 days to resolve this. I am pretty sure I will starve to death by then or freeze to death due to my electric getting shut off. In my book this is Robbery how the *** can this be legal I googled this and there are over 900,000 reports of them doing this to other people. I am seriously so screwed and have no way out of this nobody to help me with this.

Richard Wallace

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Los Angeles, California, United States #568202

Trash,Trash. I got robbed.

I signed up for a $49 a month Direct tv and after three months my bill is $120 a month. Triple. The CEO of this company got a $80 million dollar bonus plus his salary.

Don't get robbed like I did. Read the fine print


Call your bank and explain that you only authorized a one time payment for this account. They kept your card on file- without your permission. You did a favor for a friend and got scammed.

Dispute the charge and tell your bank they are your advocate and you expect them to fight for you.

Also, this is important tell your bank this is NOT your account period. You DO NOT have a contract with them under that name. IT is FRAUD.

I would also call Direct TV and ask for a supervisor ONLY. Ask the supervisor to send you a copy (via email or fax) of the contract you allegedly signed and the recorded statement and contract allowing them to keep your card on file and pay that bill each month.

Good luck- keep after them =.

to MVC #568149

Very good advice. DTV has no right to do this but continue to do many customers this way and the customer has the burden of trying to get their money refunded. you may also want to file a police report..I wish you luck

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