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I recently dropped Direct Tv because we had moved so I cancelled my service which I was going to do anyway because the service was absolutely terrible!!! THe next month I was going over my bank statement and noticed they hit my account for 474.25 without me knowing anything about it.

I called in and asked the rep why? SHe stated there were 14 pay per view movies ordered via the boxes. First off this is impossible because there never was phone lines hooked to the boxes!! I also told her that when I called in to cancel service the rep told me the 150 early termination charge would be waived for the poor experience.

All the rep said was too bad you are charged this and I cannot tell you who authorised the withdrawl . Little strange she couldn't tell me who authorised a withdrawl on MY account! They are terrible and will rip you off.

If you are thinking about using them DON'T and if you have already made the mistake of using them DROP them like a bad habit!!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $474.

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ONLY if they can provide date/time and additional identifying information about the claimed charges you owe.

No one can just say "You owe me $XX" and take the money from you without proof that you actually do owe them money.

This post-canellation billing after receiving the cards when a person hasn't connected a phone line is a recurring theme in these complaints. Know your rights!

Keyport, New Jersey, United States #5053

Your wrong its not impossible. The phone line is used to report the movies you buy.

Did they pick up your EQ? If so they checked it and you had ordered movies that had not yet been reported.

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