Direct TV sucks sence they came out ant hooked up my cable I have had problems with it searcing for satellite signal and they wont send some one to check it on your time They want to send some one out like a week later why cant tyhey send out people an the weekends like I dont have to work monday - Friday and i can just sit at home a wait for some one to come between 8-12 or 1 -5 pm please get a clue and work with the people that are paying your bills they need help working out their problems with the company

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if you work only monday through friday how can you expect someone to work a different schedule then you??? They have families to, at least they are on the phones for you on the weekend.

But really you cant expect to have service on the weekends if you yourself dont work them. You dont expect your doctors office to schedule you on the weekends???

GET A LIFE and DONT EXPECT a company to have weekend appointments. Really I mean if you scheduled a weekday and took the time off work and they didnt show up at all, then you have something to complain about


Be carefull Direct TV will also charge you for anything they have to come out for... They install the satalite and if you have any other issues after the fact they will charge, ask if it will cost you for them to come out before they do!!! I disconnected it just for that reason

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