Maud, Oklahoma

We have been direct T.V Customers for less than 2 months and we have had more problems in that length of time, than we did in 8 years with dish network.We have had eight different issues and it takes at least 20 phone calls to even get a resolution to a small problem! They also have more Spanish speaking channels on their programming than regular English channels.

That is very troubling for a blue blooded American. Last time I checked the language of our country was English!

My forefathers were expected to learn English not Galeic! Steer away from Direct T.V.

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:sigh :sigh Idon'thave a complaint I just need some body to Please, come and program my Direct TV FOR ME I can't do it,tried to follow the instructions on screen,and nothing happen for several hours,SO... iF YOU WOUD SEND SOMEONE TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM I can't do it,I'm at 6338 Brayborne Main.OH!P.S Ineed it done today 9if it' not too much trouble),THANK YOU.


Because of the government-mandated digital transition, we were forced to sign up with a cable or satellite company. We opted to go with DirecTV because they had a good intro package for 12 months.

When they showed up to install they made me sign a new 24-month contract that superceded any previous contract. I had no choice, it was that or be without tv because the transition was that same day.

Then the installer DRILLED HOLES THROUGH MY CARPET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR instead of peeling it back or going through the existing cable box in the wall. I'm not happy.

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