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Had Direct TV installed on July 7, 2011. First of all, the installer did not have the DVR box that I had ordered.

He installed the regular boxes and left. He did not leave us a channel guide or show us how everything works.Four days later I call because it is not working correctly. Service keeps going out and then coming back on. I am informed that it will be fixed on the 15th when they come to install DVR box.

I have to call 3 days after the DVR box is installed because service is going in and out again for no apparent reason ... no rain or a cloud in the sky!! The customer service rep can't speak english clearly so she is hard to understand but informs me that I have to wait a week for someone to come out to fix the problem. After asking to speak to a supervisor and being placed on hold he tells me that he has spoken to the supervisor of dispatch and she will send an email to the marketing rep for my area to see if they can give me an earlier date.

That is the craziest thing I have ever heard of!!! A woman calls me later to tell me that someone will be out the following day. The supervisor or this lady were not very nice or professional. The next day the tech said the problem is in the box outside caused from another tech that was here the day before working on someone else's problem.

He says he can only replace part of the power supply that needs to be fixed because he doesn't have all the parts. He left my daughter his cell number with instructions to call him if it goes out again. Well, it only worked for about 20 minutes so she called him back. He came back and said he would call the maintenance people to come out and fix it and they would be here the next day.I was at work and had called customer service after my daughter had told me it wasn't working.

This was before the tech had said he would get maintenance to come out. I was told that it would be a week again before someone could come out. Maintenance came the next day but did not fix the problem. I called customer service and explained the whole situation to see if they could send maintenance back out and was told that I would have to wait a week.

So it has been 3 days now and we can't even watch a progam because the service goes in and out so much. I have my doubts that they will fix it when they come in 2 days. This is the worst service I have ever had and talking to customer service is like talking to the wall.It's like they have a script to go by and can't say anything else. I think I have spoke to the same girl 3 times and she can't speak english clearly so I have a hard time understanding her.

She did try to sell me their service package for 6 dollars a month to avoid a 65 dollar charge each time they come out. I told her I am not interested in their service package bacause the service has not worked correctly since it was installed and I won't be paying their 65 dollar charge for coming out. I don't understand how they can expect customers to wait a week for service to be repaired and on top of that they think I'm paying that 65 dollar charge. They have lost their minds!!!

I am stuck with Direct TV because there is not another service for this apartment building. I had Dish before and it was bad in that it would go out whenever it got cloudy but this is ten times worse. I don't see how they stay in business.

They need some people in there that actually care about the customers!!!! I can't express how mad and just totally dissatisfied with this mess that is supposed to be Direct TV!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Also had that experience. Installer came with no DVR (thought it was promised by AT&T used car salesman) & then wanted me to pay $200 for it.

Both At&t & Directtv pointed the finger at each other as the one responsible, causing me to call each of them back & forth seeking a solution.

In the end, they both washed their hands of blame & left me paying too much for too little.


i ordered direct and was promised to pay 46.99 for a drv, 2 receivers. the installer came with no dvr.

i called and was told my bill now goes to 57./mo to get my dvr. i asked tem 4 or 5 times about this price and was insured that would be 46.99.

i called customer service supervisors and help very rude. next step is to report them to fcc.