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After canceling my service I was told they would pull money out of my account automatically after 45 days however it was only 21 day causing a negative balance in my account of over 800 dollars and when I called to ask WHY since I hadn't even recieved the box to return my receivers till a few days before they simply told me that I should have paid attention - UM I DID WHEN I CALLED TWO WEEKS BEFORE TO FIND OUT WHAT AND WHEN I WOULD BE CHARGED!

We cancelled service because the internet (through Qwest) was way slow and the signal for cable constantly was breaking up so I asked to switch to HD and they wanted another $300 to swap out our dish and cables. I refused and rather than work with me they forced me to close my account.

By the time I get the amount paid they charged for closing the account and all of the bounce fees it will cause plus the late fees on everything else I can't pay becausze of these charges I will have shelled out over $1500 just to cancel there crappy service.

I DO NOT recommend them as a provider in any situation even if you can't get regular cable service I would recomend going without!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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OH I see you did not read or understand that I wasn't pissed over the money so much as them pulling it from my account BEFORE they were suppose the whole review next time, and keep the snarky comments to yourself.


You owed the $, you signed the agreement, you you you.


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