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This company does not back up any of their mistakes or promises. I will be leaving as soon as my contract is up and hope nobody else gets treated the way I did or do!

If you start any service with this company make sure they send the right amount of receivers promised cause if you wait to long or don't know whY your getting into they will take full advantage of your mistakes! My reciever has been slow so they sent me a new one after numerous phone calls.

I went to hook it up and they wanted me to pay my passed do bill that I haven't even received yet and has nothing to do with my broken reciever that I've had to deal with in th meantime. I think they owe me money for having to deal with this!

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You didn't say how long you have been with DTV before you got the new receiver.Hopefully, it did not extend your contract with them for another 2 yrs. You are absolutely right "They will take advantage of you in every way they can"


Please let me know how u feel or if you agree!

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