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If Direct TV *** any more channels they can take their service and sit on it and spin. Everytime I turn around they threaten us with lose of channels and then when they do keep them, what happens, up go your rates.

They need to wake up and realize it is US that pay their wages and keep them in business. Something needs to be done and real quick. I am tired of looking for something to watch.

When I do find something you can find the very same program on another channel. So I am paying for 2 channels to watch the very same thing.

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Direct tv u really do take the cake!!! A few hrs is temporary this going into days and months is not.

If u r not aware of it u r not the only person around u just lost me and plenty more. U give us no warning of this pathetic problem and ask for us to be patient....and if u care about saving us money then I am sure u won't be charging for this partial bs service u r delivering to ur valued customers. U r crooks and for every person u lose they will tell everyone and anyone left on earth to let everyone know u suck!

U will never get anyone to switch to ur pathetic service now u totally screwed us and urself! Smart move!!!

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