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Not only were they rude, inconsiderate, but they cancelled my order when NOBODY showed up at ALL. All I did was get the run around, I ask for a supervisor and just got pawned off on another person.

Tech hung up on me, Management misled me, and now they want me to start another work order for their piece of *** service? Absolutely not, in fact i am gonna file a complaint on every single site i can find.

At this point you couldn't give me their *** for free. I am going to make sure I tell EVERY person I know.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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when are the issues going to be resolved? i have a granddaughter who i watch a couple of days per week, she loves some of the nickelodeon stations which have been removed and she is lost.

i am going to look for other

options if the stations are not put back on the air soon. the movie stations you gave us in place of the ones we lost suck, is there going to be a deduction on our monthly bills for this?

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