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I have had direct tv for years now, but I am going to go with charter at least then I can watch my games. Anyone who has direct tv and wants to see the games go threw charter or time warner.

All you have to do is drop direct tv. They can not hold you to a contract if they are not up holding an agreement when you signed. At the time you signed if you where able to watch the games then now you can't they broke their contract with you. Let what ever your bill is hit your trw and call the better business bureau and file a complaint.

Lets see how many customers direct tv wants to loose over the bs.

Why should we be paying 150 a month and not get what we want out of it when you can go to cable and pay less and get what you want. Screw direct tv.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have been a customer of Directv for over a decade, and I am tired of their complete disregard for their customers. I have emailed and written letters to the Office of the President.

When you do that, all you get is a phone call. I was told personally by an account manager that Ellen Filipiak DOES NOT TALK TO CUSTOMERS!!!! I have a petition going about how horrible they are as a company. And don't think going to another company solves the problem-word is there is going to be a merger of some sort with another company.

There was a class action suit a few years ago, but still nothing has change.

Please sign this petition so that they will know as customers we will no longer tolerate the disrespect. /

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