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I own a loft in a 4 story building in a historic district. The DTV guy came out and ran 4 cables down the side of th building and into windows.

Not allowed obviously and so they came out and fixed. Came out 3 weeks later to fix all others and disconnected ours again. On hold now to expalin the situation to someone in bumf--- Egypt so i can try and expalin what they will never understand.

Really dispise this company and look forward to the day they file for bankrupcy.

A business can have a monopoly while sucking for a while but not forever.

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This low life company has been in business for many years and they continue to come up with new scams to monoplize their customers.They get away with it by offering so called super deals that the customer just cannot refuse but find out too late exactly what the truth is by seeing their bill go up month after month.and by this time they are under contract and cannot get out without paying a huge penalty.Also if their equipment fails they charge the customer as well as add to their contract if it is replaced. A wish thing to do as a customer is to change banks or credit cards that DTV has on file.get a paid cc and give them the n#

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