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Here is it RAINING and I am getting the message on my TV "searching for satellite connection"!!!!! Would you BELIEVE -- THE ONLY time we GET TV through Direct TV (Satellite) is when the weather is PERFECT!!!!!

UNREAL!!!!! WE are spending OVER $100.00 per MONTH for Direct TV service and can ONLY get reception in the GOOD WEATHER!!!!!

SORRY -- I lied -- out Direct TV bill is between $97.97 and $115.49 PER MONTH!!!! BELIEVE me when I tell you CABLE TV is a *** of a LOT BETTER than Satellite TV!!!!!!!! When Hurricane Floyd hit our ares some years ago -- we STILL have CABLE TV service -- GRANTED, it DID go in and out -- BUT we STILL had TV service!!!! With Direct TV, if it's raining, windy or snowing -- or ANY OTHER ADVERSE weather conditions -- we DON'T get TV service!!! AND, there's NO credit given for TV outage!!!!!! At LEAST WITH CABLE TV, if the outage went over a certain amount of hours -- you got CREDIT off your bill!!!! DIRECT TV -- FORGET about even TRYING to get a credit for non-service!!!!!!

PLUS, that company TOTALLY DISCRIMINATES between males& females!!!!! Case in point -- I CALLED Direct TV and wanted a tech to come out to fix our problem and was quoted a RIDICULOUS HOURLY FEE -- PLUS parts!!! When mu HUSBAND got home, I had HIM CALL and he asked the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS, TOLD THEM THE EXACT SAME THING I had earlier!! GUESS WHAT????? They told HIM they would come out and fix the problem AT NO COST!!!!!!! HUH?????? DUH??????? The EXACT SAME thing I had called about -- the EXACT SAME questions I had asked and I was told there were all these freaking fees involved!! My HUSBAND calls a couple hours LATER and asks the SAME FREAKING QUESTIONS and tells the company THE EXACT SAME PROBLEMS and HE is told there would be NO CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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PS -- I have JUST GOT to share THIS with all of you!!!! A few years back, there was a HUGE hurricane down South, and, WOULD YOU BELIEVE, Direct TV did a commercial!!!!

I laughed SO HARD, I PI$$ED my pants!!!! Here, amidst ALL the DEVASTATION, the people "reported" that EVEN THOUGH their POWER WAS OUT, they were STILL ABLE to get DIRECT TV!!!!!! DUH????? If the power was OUT -- HOW THE *** could your TV WORK?????

I emailed the company about that and -- guess what NEVER received a response !!!!! DUH, wonder WHY!!!!! THAT commercial for DIRECT TV DIDN'T last long!!! Guess they figured that people are TOTALLY *** AND GULLIBLE and WOULD BELIEVE their commercial that WITHOUT ELECTRICITY they could STILL get Direct TV Service on their TV -- BUT were SURPRISED that people DID pick up on THEIR TOTAL STUPIDITY!!!

Wonder if Direct TV sued the advertising company for that TV ad campaign????? UNFORTUNATELY, we'll NEVER know!!!!

Hope you got a side-splitting laugh out of THAT ONE!!!!