Vancouver, Washington

When we signed up for the Choice package we checked to make sure the channels we wanted were included. Now, all of a sudden one of our favorite channels is not available.

How can they just start taking away channels?! They want us to upgrade now for this channel...NOT!!! Why would we do this when they aren't honoring our original contract?! When calling customer service we were put on hold forever with someone in a foreign country & his answer was they have no control over where the channels are put!!!


Who has control then!!! Certainly not us!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Happened to me too! Someone please do something about this!

If they take away a channel our bill should go down. Better yet, they should have to eat the expense of letting anyone who already had it keep it and only be allowed to change it on new subscribers/packages.


Maybe they need rules like the credit card companies to keep them in line.


The same thing happened to me--sounds like there a lot of people that were treated the same way. Class Action suit coming? :(


Also if you upgrade this extends your contract for 2 more year.