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I had to end my service with Direct Tv due to being unemployed, but told them I would return once I was working again. They kept charging me, and apparently sent me a "final bill"(even though it was not labeled as such) for just under $1,000.00!!

And apparently on their "final bill" it says no contact within 15 days gives confirmation to Direct Tv to collect the money owed from last account used to pay them. So for 2 weeks in a row(yes, in a row), they have pulled $200 out of my account at a time. And when it happened the first time, I called them and they said it would be a one time withdrawal. Then they went and did it AGAIN!!

I called, and so did my wife, and explained to them that they can't do this. My unemployment money goes into that account, and I get just a little over the amount they were taking out. We told him because of this we can't feed our family, or pay our electric. Their representative said "I am sorry to hear about your situation.

But this is our policy and we will continue untill the full past due amount has been paid".

I have NEVER heard of a company continuing to withdraw money like that until they are paid!! completely POOR business ethics on their part.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You might want to close the account and open another one with a different to your bank. DTV will continue to take money out of your account if you allow it to stay open.

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