I called yesterday to get a tech out here and was told the 30th is the next available date. so, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and until between 4-8pm on Tuesday, 3 kids no cable!

For real? word to direct TV, which I will be sending them a letter with these pics, I pay $90+ a month for your service, which I cannot afford but keep it to make my kids happy for Dragon Ball -Z-Budda Kai Pie or whatever show that is, and u cant afford to pay a qualified tech with at least 1/2 a brain, to do installations. It looks like bozo the clown decided to practice his balloon animals with my cable wires or perhaps a boy scout was trying to earn his knot tying badge. When I called for the 3rd time today, this *** Dalton from Florida says "sorry ma'am but that's the earliest date we can give you, but you are eligible for a free receiver.

it will only cost you shipping and handling and increase your bill by $17 a month, oh no wait I'm sorry it will only increase your bill by $10 a month." My words to this Dalton character from Florida "stop right there are you really trying to sell me a package that will increase my bill when the *** that your people installed doesn't work????!! I want someone higher than you with more intelligence RIGHT NOW!" Mr. "more intelligence" gets on the phone..."Ma'am we have people calling for tech support all up the east coast and we cant get to them either." Me- if you look at my address I am in NM- THE DESERT!

then he proceeds to tell me that It took his tech 2 weeks to get to him during his move....SERIOUSLY!!!???? I hung up the phone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Shipping Service.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1197240


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1197233

1 less dish than mine the pole sticking out isn't mine it's direct tv but they want to charge me wkr too lazy to go in crawl space to hook up the dish that was there but he took the dish and left the pole "small claims court"


Call and ask for the retention department, threaten to cancel if they can't make you happy. I keep a monthly record of how many times may service is interrupted bc the signal is lost, I notate the day, time and how long it was out, I call every month and give them this info, they credit me back for the total amount of interrupted service. Why would I pay for an entire month when there are times I can't use it?

to Anonymous #903586

Anonymous!!!! Yes you i wouldnt want anyone to know my name either whats wrong do you think dtv will see your post and shut down your little scam!!!!

No there are lots of low life like you it eventually resolves its self ... First thing ! DirecTV has lost signal less than any other provider in a 12m period and you can still watch your recorded shows.... Seems you have a lot of time on your hands ....maybe if you had to pay for the time you watch TV more than usual you would not be so petty.

I bet you take ADVANTAGE of every free weekend for premium channels !!! For some reason you feel you are entitled to something maybe you should just cancel why would you stay with a company that you would have to keep a log of how much time you dont have service .,.what's up did you use up your value with dish if???) Its people like you that cause everyone to pay more for services sucking the system dry feeling entitled ...maybe you should see what u can get for not watching TV 247..... You get more than you can possibly watch and more than you pay for in 30 days... I'm sure you are just a peach to speak to in the retention dept.

Don't worry you wont have to take notes and call for long its short lived ... Make a note of this "The day will come when your account has NO VALUE" Every dollar you suck up with your silly unreasonable sniveling will reflect on the dollar you spend. You like taking notes ,make a note when you need something and you hear "I'm sorry your accouny is not eligible for any credit,free upgrade or free programing ! I'm sorry to see you go!".

If your bill is $ 100.00 month you only pay $3.33 per day and if dtv was out (and its not) 24hrs in a month you would have lost $3.33 of viewing time but I'm sure you are not paying full price for what you get anyway ..

Go find a hobby or read a book on character ...its not worth the disrespect the representatives feel when they see the low life account which contains every call and every time you threaten to cancel service you just sound like a chump after the first call....

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1197238

Called retention they want me to pay for they carelessness


sounds like you only keep direct tv to babysit your kids...

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