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I am a U.S Infantry Marine currently deployed to Iraq serving OIF 9. Im getting ready to come home so i moved my wife to CA.

Purchased an apt and furniture and she is there receiving all the stuff and setting it all up for us! I called Direct TV and purchased their service. a week later a tech showed at my home to install the equiptment. I called my wife a few days later to see how everything went and she was humiliated by the technitian from diect tv!!

He was asking her if he could take her out on a date or to go to the beach with her, after she clearly had stated that she was married! Theres pictures of me at the home which he asked about and she told him that i was her husband! She had to be nice about it because she was alone and scared and didnt know what he would do! He then aked for her personal number and asked if he could give her his!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day he called her during the night and woke her up asking if she was ok with her service and if she needed him to come to the home for anything!!! He then asked her if he could double date with her!!?!?!

I have had a kill mentality for 7 months in iraq, and this guy does not know what he has coming when i get home, I will be calling him and requesting his "service" when i get home, i will then remind him of a few manners!! I will be seeking a lawsuit towards Direct TV.

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Troutdale, Oregon, United States #692685

Yeah she should of called the police or the company to complain. She obviously didnt complain because she probably did do something with the guy


Your wife should have called the police and made a report

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