We had one Direct TV receiver box not working. We called in for a service request, tech support wanted to trouble shoot via the phone. The tech support staff had us unplug and replug into the main control box in our basement. After doing so, the entire system went down and we no longer had any TV. They said "OH, we will need to send out a technician. This will be a 50.00 charge to you and we are 7 days out for the next appointment." I said you just knocked out all of my TV's and I will have to pay 50.00 and wait seven days, how is this fair or right? They said sorry but nothing we can do.

Wow! Great customer service! I am suppose to pay for there mess up and wait 7 days with no TV.

My monthly bill is 125.00 and I get the NFL ticket & college football in the fall. I pay alot for there service and this is what I get when I need service.

On past service calls there technicians have been rude and pissed because they were subcontractors not making enough money from Direct TV. The system is terrible in the rain. The only reason we went with Direct TV was for the football package. I wish another company could provide it because we would switch.


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