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I had used Direct Tv's service for several years. After deciding to cancel service, one of their 'customer service/sales people' sold me ona a different package.

After a few days of this service I decided to cancel. I sent back the dvr and cancelled. After a few months I realized they were still billing me. Also, I had a balnce owed.

When I finally called to set things straight, they sent me a bill for $330 for early cancellation. This incompetent and inept company would not discuss the wrongs done here, only that I owed them $330.

I would love to let them ***%&*** themselves, but they'll send to collections and I don't want my credit screwed.

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d tv used to be good i went to att and never looked back now they d tv is making u sign a contract for 2yrs to lock u in at att no contract leave when u want and u get more for your money when u bundle

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