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I was dissatisfied with Direct TV soon after it was installed. They lie about fees, contracts and breaking the contract.

When I tried to get them to cut my service off they said I couldn't due so for one year. It was a long 10mos. & I couldn't take it anymore. I called them & asked how much I owe for the remaining two months of service so I could pay it off right now & for them to cut off the service.

They stated to me that I'm in a two year contract. Excuse me, *** No!! I never entered into a two year agreement. They stated to me that once they install the boxes it constitutes a two year agreement.

What the F... I hated your service! Cut it off! Bill me for the remaining months.

They had the nerve to state that they would take 450.00 out of my banking acct.for breaking the 2year contract. Once again, I only had a one year contract. OK,but thanks for that info. I called the Bank immediately..for it was a race against time.

Had my card blocked and went on my merry way. Direct TV SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Have you started getting the collection calls?


I know!!


Have fun with collections

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