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I filed for bankruptcy, which by law places a stay on creditors and prevents them from collecting debt. They can of course appeal this with the Court.

However, according to two reps at Direct TV they don't have to follow the law. Direct TV went right ahead and stole money from my bank account after being notified they are listed as creditors in my bankruptcy proceedings. Not sure why Direct TV thinks they have more rights than my mortgage company but I will *** sure be on the phone to my attorney first thing in the morning. They even tried to tell me they have no fax number and no direct number for their bankruptcy division?

I asked why even have a bankruptcy division if you feel your company is not obligated to follow the law?

Only answer I received "I'm not authorized to discuss that", of course your not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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After they cut my service off they told me that the bankruptcy rules didn't apply because they're not a public utility. I pointed out that if they were, they would have to restore service and would have the right to demand a deposit within 20 days but as they're not, they're just like any other creditor. And as they are like any other creditor, the 30-day stay of execution applies.A helpful supervisor managed to turn it back on in about 10 minutes after I explained.


The difference is that you sign a contract for service that allows them to continue to pull from your account. The only real way you would be protected is if you cancelled your service before filling bankruptcy so it can be listed as a debt owed.

If you’re still using their services they have every right to expect payment. Not everything is covered by bankruptcy. You wouldn’t expect that you can shop without paying for your food. The same holds true for any utility service.

Electric water cable these are all utilities that are not part of your outstanding debt. Unless you have cancelled and have listed them.


They are doing the same thing to me I'm filing a law suit


I had the same exsperience


I just had this happen! Did u get your money back?


I'm trying to find out the address to put down for my bankrupsy the collection agency said I couldn't use them lol


I am going through the same issue except I DONT OWE DIRECTV ANYTHING THEY OWE ME but still took $140 from my debit card unauthorized. I was told to send a letter to the Bankruptcy Department because they say they have no number for them.

How does the bankruptcy dept relay info to the credit dept if they have no means of contact?

BS....if anyone has a contact number for this so called bankruptcy dept please let me know. :(


LadyCee (MzLady2u)


There Bankrupcy number is 800-860-8542 their addresses DirecTV customer service attention bankruptcy claims p.o.box 6550 Greenwood Village Colorado 80155 - 6550 hope this helps Dennis




Yeah I filed and called to get my boxes to return their stuff and was

Pressured to pay a cancellation fee, I said "do you not know the law? Does my lawyer need to call you and explain that I am protected by the United States Court?!" she was quiet and said "umm err just fax us a case number"...


Direct TV has pulled money from my credit card with our permission and was wondering what happened with your case?