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I had a fire in my apartment in June . called direct Tv and told them we had to stop service.

They said sorry but you will have to pay early cancellation fee and equipent fees. I said No they say yes I told them that I would see them in court. To make a long story short I went into my bank account today and found they had taken 805.00 from me . I am in bankruptcy and they are listed on the petition.

This is a federal offense! Do not ever get this service.I am disputing this with my bank and d tv will let you know what happens

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To T

I do not care what the contract says. Who are you.

you can not be for real I just lost everything i own in a fire.

You grow up. until you have been thru anything like this keep your mouth shut.


Well if you read your customer commitment then you would see that we at direct tv have the right to go in and debit from what ever card is on file after a disconect wether it is you chosing to disconect it or we disconect it for non payment grow up and stop complaining

Raditsa-Krylovka, Bryansk, Russian Federation #28003

I have just been though Direct TV ***. I was unable to keep a payment arrangement due to the fact I have MS and can't drive and the person that was supposed to take me to pay it couldn't, so rather than break my agreement, I called early that morning, spoke to a very nice CS rep and she said don['t worry about it.

We'll hold it for you till Saturday. Whatever. They disconnected it two hours later and since then I've talked to about 50 people and gontten 50 idffernt answers. They are rude, condecending, talk over you and could care less what your situation is.

I've read soooo many complaints about these unprofessional insesitive jerks. At least I know I'm not alone but in this case I wish I were. I wouldn't wish what I've gone through with them on ANYONE!! I will find a way to fight back.

I have MS and my TV is my only entertainment. When I called to tell them I'd already spoken to a woman that said they'd hold it till Sat. the nest woman told me she had no power to say that and now I have to pay reconnect fees a month in advance if I want it turned back on. These people are nuts.

Seriously. I'll keep you posted. I think they hire warm bodies off the streets for their "professional manager service".

We can't give up! we need ot fight!

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