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We cancelled direct tv and they took $998 from our checking acct through our debit card with no authorization. How can they do that?

They said they would refund it in 24-48 hours. Lies. Now they are saying they can only give us half back now and the other half in ten days. We can't pay our rent and we have small kids.

It's Christmas. We will be evicted. Someone please help. I want to know if I can take them to small Claims court in Ca.

My husband even explained that he is a disabled veteran...they do not care. I not only want my money back but I want them to stop this, what I thought was illegal practice.HELPv

Monetary Loss: $998.

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they did this several years ago to my late father-in-law, a senior on a fixed income, when he cancelled their service and had even returned their equipment. in trying to get his money back, someone in "customer service" gave him a number to call which turned out to be a charge per minute phone sex line. this was the lowest form of pond *** i have ever heard of.


I am truly sorry DTV did this to you.I am assuming you are a customer of theirs? right?

there is a contract that you are supposedly under for 2 yrs and if you are late with payments they can do this it is in the contract and they had to get your bank info from somewhere,if you gave it to them,that gives them the right to debit your account anytime they wish.Most people do not realize this. the only thing you can do is to talk to your bank and tell them you want to dispute the charges and sometimes the bank will replace the money for you until it does an investigation. If the bank does replace the money ,you must change numbers on your bank account to prevent DTV from recharging your account. I honestly hope Madd Jack's comment is all you need but somehow I doubt it because DTV does this all the time and people most often do not get their money back.

and one more thing,they must be charging you for the equipment also,when you send their equipment back be sure to send it as they say in their boxes,through Fedex and get a tracking # from FEdex to prove they got it. Wishing You Luck

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Good Morning! I am so tired of them doing this *** to people.

This happened to em about 2 years ago and I can tell you excatly how to handle it. I had ALL of my money back in 1 hour.

The law requires Direct TV to be authorised to take ANY monies from your account. Obviously this was not an authorised amount.

So here is what you do. Call Direct TV and speak to a manager only, these conversationa are always recorded. Tell Him/Her, "Look I have communicated to your firm that you have taken money from my account without authorisation and It needs to be put back right now. What Direct TV has done falls under IDENTITY THEFT which is a felony, If you do not return the FULL AMOUNT into my account within 24 hours of this conversation, I will call the police department and press full charges on you for stealing from my account," I promise you, they will put it back in your account. Look up the description of identity theft. It is taking funds from someones bank account without consent. If for some reason they do not comply, call your local law inforcemaent and press charges. At that point, I would be going for losses. Hope this helps. I hate it when the big corporations try to screw all of us over. Have a merry Christmas!!

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