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Several months ago Direct TV cintacted me and told me that I could no longer pay my account online for a time since two payments did not go through in time. I have been a Direct TV custimer for many years and the two times that I used my routing and bank account number the payment did not come out of my account. I check my bank daily for all transactions and when I noticed each time that the payment had not come out, I immediately went online and used my debit card on the same bank account which was taken fine?? After DTV contaced me about not paying online, I called my bank and they assured me that there was no reason that the transactions should not have come through on their end. I continue to get charged $5 monthly for DirectTV to process my payment since when they send me to the automated system, it bounces back to a person. I spend at least 30 minutes monthly trying to make a payment and then get charged yet more money!. I was told last month that I would be able to pay online again in May. When I went online, it reflected that I could not pay online. I called DTV again and was sent twice to automated pay and continued to be bounced back to a person. They could not tell me why I could not pay online or even pay with automated service. I am completely frustrated with this company. I have been a loyal customer, but Dish is looking very good to me at the moment and they also have promotions going on now. I would like to have my account cleared up so I can pay online or let me know it will not happen so I can make my decision. I want to go where someone can help me when I call for help and not waist my time on the phone.

Sherry Owens

98 W Cypress Lane

Highlands, NC 28741

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Knowing DTV this may have been a trick to get you cc# for their future use