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I had to cancel Direct TV to move to another state to live with my son due to serious health and financial difficulties. I understand about the early cancellation fees but was told that when I get the final bill, I need to call and most likely under the circumstances they will work with me or cancel the charges.

I received the bill yesterday evening and was going to call them this morning but went on-line and checked my bank account. The debited my account $375.33 which has left me with nothing to live on. I tried talking to them and asked for a supervisor. Was told he would call me back.

Never received a return call.

Do not believe anything they tell you. I am not sure what I can do but this is just wrong business practices and I will pursue this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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You owed them money. I see nothing wrong here. You authorized the payment AND you signed the agreement.


I am having the same problem. I just lost my job and had to sell my home.

They are not willing to work with anyone (according to them) that is unemployed or is having a hardship. I am so angry, I will never recommend them to anyone!

Their customer service is horrible. :(


This happened to me too!!! I moved and didn't have service at my new place and they admitted they shouldn't have taken the money out of my account...

it took 2 long months of talking to SEVERAL supervisors and representatives and was told ENDLESS stories of false information and LONG wait times on the phone, I FINALLY GOT MY MONEY BACK. I will never do business with them again!!!


This happened to a friend of mine.He adviced me to change my visa account right away so they can't automaticly debit it. Then start paying them with ONE time payment only each time you pay ur bill.I have to close my account with them too.every year the price keep going up for another $24.00..even if I was on month to month basis.Now they refused to tell me where I can send the receiver.They want me to pay them first about my last bill.and threat me to debit it to my account.But litle did they know that account is close.


Talk to your bank and ask if you can dispute the charges and have them reversed and if the bank agrees you may have to cancel the bank account to keep DTV from reapplying the charges.Good Luck


Ask your bank if you can dispute this and have the charges reversed.If your bank agrees to this,you may have to cancel your bank account in order to keep DTV from reapplying the charges..I wish you luck.