Their was a charge of 84.12 taken out of my checking account without my permission. I have been a customer with time warner cable all my life never had direct tv.

Just get the runaround when trying to talk to a representative. I really want my money back without having to wait 10 days. I really want to know who's bill I paid, when I can't even afford to pay my own. Need some answers now so I can have the money put back into my account .

How does something like this happen? When I asked the representative she acted like it was my fault , like I gave my account number to someone.

She was so rude I hung up on her.

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Get in touch with your bank and file fraud charges.This should get your money back.Someone may have used your account # fraudently or DTV may have made a mistake but either way you need to deal with your bank. Good Luck


Did you check your DirecTV billing statement if the $84.12 is posted on your account? In your checking account, what is the company name and address that made the debit?

Check with your bank regarding the company who made the debit on your checking account.

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