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I stopped paying direct tv because I could not afford it anymore. They cancelled my service about a month later. Then I received boxes to return the equipment. The boxes got wet. I waited a day or so for them to dry and I was in the process of putting the equipment in them and sending them. Then out of nowhere direct tv took $607 out of my bank account. Now I have a negative balance that I cannot pay. I have called direct tv numerous times and get nowhere. They will not allow me to speak with a manager and they keep telling me that one will call me back but no one ever does. I contacted my bank and I have filled out a dispute form (because I never authorized these charges to be taken out) along with a freeze on my bank account. However, my bank says that there still may be nothing they can do.

Direct tv told me that they are charging me for both cancellation fees of $302 and the rest is for their equipment. They are also telling me that I owe them over $151 for the two months that I did not pay. I tried getting paperwork from them showing where I signed authorizing this transaction (because I told them I never signed anything) and they could not produce it. I also told them that they need to send me something in writing showing how much they charge for cancellation fees, etc. because it sounds to me like they charge each person differently (basically whatever they feel like charging that day). I told them they if they send me something stating that they will retract the $607 back out of my bank account I will send their equipment back. I told them if not then they are getting not getting it back and to just forget it.

Now my bank is probably going to take me to court because I am now over $607 negative. The bank also told me that if I do not pay they will charge me $6 every day that I do not pay. And, I cannot close my account out with them until the negative balance is taken care of.

I would advise anyone out there to stay away from direct tv.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Well this bill from Direct TV was included in my bankruptcy of 2011. HA!!


Direct TV. I will NEVER get your service again either.


If you bothered to read anything when you signed up for Direct TV, you were aware that you entered into a contract, usually for 24 months, and that the contract has an early termination fee.

I, for one, am not a fan of contracts or early termination fees, and hence do not sign up for them, nor would I recommend somebody else do so if they had questions about whether or not they could fulfill the entire term of the contract, but we do live in crazy economic times and sometimes things come up.

Most decent people who found themselves unable to keep the service would think to call and cancel it. At that point, they would be out the $300 early termination fee, but would no longer have the recurring monthly payment. Instead, by your admission, you just stopped paying and waited for the service to just shut off. The company has not had any communication from you, so when their equipment was not returned in a timely manner, they had every right to assume (correctly, by the looks of it!) that they weren't going to see the return of their equipment.

I've never had Direct TV, I've only had cable (no contract or early termination fees to be concerned of), and our cable company takes an account number from the customer so that if some deadbeat doesn't return their digital receiver, they can charge the account to recoup some of the loss incurred. I'm willing to bet that Direct TV informed you of a similar policy during the time you entered into the contract that you don't seem to remember entering into.

Had you returned their boxes, they wouldn't have had to charge you the deposit on the boxes. You say that you won't send the boxes back until they reimburse you the $607... HALF THE FEE IS PRECISELY BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T RETURN THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

You don't have Direct TV to blame for this as much as yourself for signing up for something you obviously couldn't afford for the length of time you were obligated to keep it, your lack of communication to the service provider, and your refusal to return to them their rightful property.


I paid one month from my Credit Card and DIRECT TV took out two months! I called them and asked why TWO months and they said that since it was soooo close to my next payment DIRECT TV decided to take out TWO months! I told them NEVER do that again or I would SUE them!


Now you know why the Better Business Bureau gives Direct TV an F grade!